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Fridays Icons

just some little things by me.

My Icons and textures!
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The Girl
I am a 22 year old from Dearborn, Mi. My major fandoms are Supernatural and Harry Potter but I like alot of things besides that. I am obsessed with anything having to do with Japan. Especially Japanese Street Culture.
This Journal
I basically wanted to keep all of my icons/texture/other crap off of my personal journal. This was an easy way to do it. Membership is closed, seeing as I am the only person posting here and all posts are public. Please Friend us though! I'd LOVE that!
What You Will Find Here
A mish mash of my favorite things, from Venture Brothers to Supernatural. Anything I feel like making will be put here for the world to see! I've started making textures and soon will be experimenting with making brushes. I can do caps and if you'd like you can check out my DVD's List if there's something there you want, feel free to ask for caps. Also Check out fringe_icons100
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